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The ChatGPT Conundrum: Unraveling the Promise and Perils of AI in Pathology

Hosted by Aleksandra Zuraw, the visionary Veterinary Pathologist advancing digital pathology and bridging the gap between pathology and technology.



Welcome to our exclusive "Lunch and Learn" session, where we are excited to announce a Special Rerun of our highly acclaimed webinar, "The ChatGPT Conundrum in Pathology." Due to overwhelming demand and the incredible response from our audience, we are thrilled to offer you another chance to join us as we delve into this intriguing topic once more.

Key Topics We'll Discuss:

Understanding ChatGPT:

Explore how ChatGPT can help you and maximize workflow efficiency.

Promising Possibilities:

Explore how ChatGPT can help you and maximize workflow efficiency.

Ethical Considerations:

Delve into the responsible adoption of AI, addressing the potential challenges and ensuring patient-centric care and data integrity.

The Human Element:

Discover the harmonious collaboration between pathologists and AI for better patient care.

Finding Balance:

Strategies to navigate the conundrum of ChatGPT, harnessing its power while mitigating any potential perils.

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