Great To See You! I'm...



I'm the leading voice behind Digital Pathology Place blog and podcast. With deep experience and ties to industry pioneers, I seamlessly connect pathology and computer science. Explore with me and discover how we can shape and benefit from the evolving world of digital pathology.

Great To See You! I'm...



I'm the leading voice behind Digital Pathology Place blog and podcast. With deep experience and ties to industry pioneers, I seamlessly connect pathology and computer science. Explore with me and discover how we can shape and benefit from the evolving world of digital pathology.

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About Me

Aleksandra Zuraw

Helping You Do Better Digital Pathology

Merging pathology with computer science is no less than a thrilling expedition. And, like any adventure, it comes with intriguing turns and puzzling crossroads. As the voice behind the Digital Pathology Place blog and the insightful Digital Pathology Podcast, I'm dedicated to streamlining this journey for visionaries like you.

By joining hands with luminaries from image analysis, regulatory spheres, and renowned academic institutions, I aim to provide a beacon of clarity amidst the dense fog of complexities. Together, we're not just understanding the realm but shaping its future.

Embark on this Expedition:

Success: By partnering, we pioneer innovations and define global benchmarks in digital pathology.

Challenge: Navigating this vast domain alone may lead you into uncharted territories.

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Embark on this enlightening journey and harness the true potential of digital pathology.

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Digital Pathology Club Membership

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Looking to elevate your expertise in digital pathology? Discover the Digital Pathology Club Membership – your premier hub for the latest advancements in the field. With our membership, you'll gain exclusive access to webinars, pioneering research papers, and valuable networking opportunities. Stay at the forefront of digital pathology and collaborate with like-minded professionals. Dive in and become a part of our thriving community.

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What Our Partners Say...

"My favorite part about working with Aleksandra is her ability to take complex digital pathology topics and translate them into a very understandable and clear language for varied audiences."

Head of Marketing, Aiforia Technologies

"The DPP approach, creating useful and educational content intended to help community progress faster felt right immediately. We are looking forward to continuing working with The Digital Pathology Place and Dr. Zuraw"


Marketing Director, Gundium Ltd

"We worked together with Aleksandra to develop AI application to predict molecular readouts from H&E-stained slide. In addition to her pathology expertise, she has a great collaborative spirit which makes working together enjoyable."


Co-Founder & CEO, Bio-AI Health

Let's grow together! contact us to discuss collaboration possibilities.

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  1. I want to learn digital pathology but feel overwhelmed and I don't know where to start.

  1. I've been looking but have not found any good resources that explain digital pathology in a straightforward way.

  1. The digital pathology industry feels like an elite club that does not welcome newcomers.

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